Digital Clock with Seconds


12-Hour to 24-Hour Time Converter

12-hour clock24-hour clock
12:00 AM (Midnight)00:00
1:00 AM1:00
2:00 AM2:00
3:00 AM3:00
4:00 AM4:00
5:00 AM5:00
6:00 AM6:00
7:00 AM7:00
8:00 AM8:00
9:00 AM9:00
10:00 AM10:00
11:00 AM11:00
12:00 PM (Noon)12:00
1:00 PM13:00
2:00 PM14:00
3:00 PM15:00
4:00 PM1600
5:00 PM17:00
6:00 PM18:00
7:00 PM19:00
8:00 PM20:00
9:00 PM21:00
10:00 PM22:00
11:00 PM23:00
11:59 PM (Midnight)23:59


How we show your present local time?

We take the time from your browser using JavaScript Date object.

What is our design elements and principles?

A simple aesthetic online digital clock to show your time.
We used Glassmorphism visual style to get the rich User Experience.

Types of time formats?

12-hour & 24-hour(Military time) formats. You can use the toggle switch above the digital clock to switch between 12h/24h formats.

Types of clocks?

Digital Clock & Analog Clock.

What is a digital clock?

A digital clock is a clock which displays time in numbers (1,2,3..). Most digital clocks displays the time in 24-hour format while other digital clocks display time in 12-hour format. If it is a 12-hour format clock, then the time is specified along with AM and PM to describe the time of the day. All digital clock should have 2 parts an hour part on the left and a minute part. In some digital clocks, there is a 3rd part to denote the seconds passed.

How to read a digital clock? What is the 2 dots in the digital clock called?

A digital clock is written with hour on the left side separated with a colon or dot then the minute. The dot in the digital clock is called a separator or a colon. An aesthetic digital clock with seconds has 3 parts : an hour separated with a colon followed by minute, again separated with a colon then the seconds.